Windows 2012 and Exchange 2013, Sharepoint 2013 and Lync 2013 Install

I decided it's about time to get a lab built on my new server and play around with the new toys Microsoft have to offer, mainly Exchange, Lync and SharePoint. My previous blog describes some of the issues I had installing SharePoint 2013 and configuring it as a development rig.

Now for Exchange and Lync

Exchange went on reasonably OK until I came to sorting out the certificates, turns out installing the AD CA role isn’t quite the same on Windows 2012, fortunately I found this excellent guide:

Interestingly when I went to assign the created certificate Exchange would keep coming back with “Not Valid” in the status. I left it overnight and came back the next day to find that it had changed to Valid. I read that apparently after creating the AD CA roles it’s a good idea to reboot anything reliant on it, so they recognise the authority on the domain.

Lync 2013 was also more complex than I anticipated but turns out that all the effort I put in sorting out the certificates meant I could get that bit sorted a breeze. I followed this guide to help me out which I found very useful:

Lots of thanks to the guide creators, they got me out a lot of trouble!


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