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Model Driven Apps - Create many to many relationships with additional columns

Something I found relatively difficult to find online is what to do when I have two tables and I want to create a many to many relationship but additionally hold extra columns about that relationship. When dealing with regular databases you would create a join table (intermediate table) which would hold a one to many relationship between tables: Creating a many to many relationship is pretty straight forward in Dataverse and there is an out of the box relationship builder to do that, however any joiner table is hidden and you can't customise this. This guide explains a really simple way to hook the joiner table up, as when I tried to make the one to many relationships manually and add data using a model driven app, the relationship wasn't being recognised. Some Background My example takes a very simple "Building Project" log book which is to hold information about building jobs and the contractors associated to that job. The contractors will be coming from the default