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Experiences of Creating a SharePoint 2013 Development Environment

I have finally managed to get some time to do some self learning and after a developer at work came back from an SP2013 training course and said "It's all changed" - dread in his eyes, "It's all Apps!" I thought it would be a good plan to get things going on SP2013 and see what this App business is all about. Now I'm not a full blown developer by any means, I've been working developing SP2010 solution packages for the last 8 months, and picked up C# in that time, so my knowledge is relatively small, I know the odd bit of jQuery + JavaScript, enough to get by. I went and had a look at MSDN for some guide to preparing a rig to get going with and decided to use this guide: How to: Create app parts to deploy with apps for SharePoint On here it lists some prerequisites and explains how to make an app running on a backend web page that can then be included on your SharePoint site (it took me a while to read up on this and get my head around the new