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Power Apps - Make Custom Functions

Recently I've inherited a bunch of Power Apps which are showing their age. They've had a number of add-ons where other developers have tried to tweak/bolt on new functionality. You could argue that some of them have got to a stage where they could do with being started from the ground up, but then the cost/benefits usually out weigh the advantage of that. If I could give any piece of advice with Power Apps - heck any form of dev work, don't copy and paste your code. If you are repeating something, then that to me is a waste of time, that's what Functions/Methods are for. In Power Apps the problem is compounded... say the customer wants to change how some validation works on a form component or the app sends a series of emails out with different templates, you could end up hunting through heaps of controls looking for it. Only this week I came across needing to change some validation, the OnChange event had been modified for every control on the form all with the exact s