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SharePoint Funny with Multiple Lines of Text

Thought you might be interested in a SharePoint ?feature? regarding the limit on multiple lines of text fields. If you are creating a custom column of the type “multiple lines of text” the “Number of lines for editing:” field which I was fooled into thinking was a limit is actually just how many lines to display for input, it doesn’t do any limiting. If you want to limit user input, this java script is a good find, you will need to customise the New Item aspx file deleting the List Form Web Part in SP Designer and create a Data Form Web Part to gain access to the fields. Hope it helps anyone interested in limiting user entry to SharePoint,

Installing FAST Search Server 2010 on Windows 7

Most of the internet says it can’t be done, however if you are trying to make a Windows 7 Development rig with SP2010 installed and want FAST on there too you’ll find the FAST install fails and the prerequisites installer won’t run (along with not much help on google). If you have installed SP2010 on the Windows 7 machine already the extra feature you need to install is the URL Authorization through add/remove windows features under IIS -> World Wide Web Services -> Security, your install should then run successfully.

People Search Bar render fix in SP2010

Ever wanted to change the People Search Box from this: To this: You may have noticed that the css controlling the “People Search Box” web part is incorrect as supplied by Microsoft, the font is too small and the Search Options drop down is rendered incorrectly. To fix this you can overload the css with this: <style type="text/css">     .psrch-OptionsContainer {         font-size: 8pt;         height: 130px;         margin-top: 20px;         width: 355px;     }     .s4-search {         font-size: 13px;     } </style> There’s quite a few ways of implementing this, you can of course change the css style sheets directly or you could implement it in a Visual Studio project as a feature to the farm to run on page load by attaching it to a DelegateControl like the “GlobalNavigation” delegate. If you don’t have the ability to do this and only have access to the page you can do it without even using designer. Put a Content Editor web part on the pa