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SPOMigration Retrying due to error -2130246326

Recently we've been investigating the use of the SharePoint Online Migration API. We noticed when deleting and recreated lists to re-migrate data we would re-run a migration using  ConvertTo-SPOMigrationTargetedPackage Set-SPOMigrationPackageAzureSource Submit-SPOMigrationJob  But the jobs would fail . With a not so handy error of: "SPOMigration Retrying due to error -2130246326" Another error code I've seen for the same problem, with the items already in SharePoint is -2146233079 After a lot of digging - if the items aren't cleared out of the site completely (first and second stage recycle bins) then they won't go back in .  Most likely down to duplicate items with the same GUIDs - duh! We've had to wait up to an hour after clearing the recycle bins out before we can re-migrate the data, so give it some time. Hope it helps!