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App Launcher for SharePoint 2013

Got a SharePoint 2013 environment but you need to demo 2016 look and feel? Seen the SharePoint 2016 app launcher and want it on 2013? Seen the Office 365 App Launcher and thought that would be great on my SharePoint 2013 environment? This one's for you... a SharePoint 2013 app launcher ! Get the download here Before you run the PowerShell script to install it you should probably read below The launcher can be run using the PowerShell included in the root folder use .\DeployAppLauncher.ps1 -url <SITE URL TO DEPLOY> Run this on a test site, if you are running it on a Publishing site you'll need to enable the "Wiki Home Page" site feature, this can then be deactivated if you don't want it enabled... It creates the "Site Assets" library where the launcher is deployed to. It relies on a custom masterpage, so it'll change this to the new one included. These are the additional lines in the masterpage (jquery, the l