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Power Automate - Get SharePoint items using Created By/Modified By

Recently I had an interesting request where someone was trying to filter items based on the Created By field in SharePoint using Power Automate. I thought, that should be pretty straight forward, make a claim or something similar and I headed to Google. Surprisingly there's not actually that many hits and it took quite a bit of digging. The answer once you realise is pretty straight forward. SharePoint holds a hidden(ish) list, the "User Information List" you can view it by adding the following to a Site Collections URL:  /_catalogs/users/simple.aspx This list holds all the "Ensured Users" on the site - you can google that one if you want to find out more. It also holds the information on which you can use in the filters for People Fields. Here are all the useful filters you can use: "ItemInternalId":"11", "ID":11, "Title":"Martin Pyman", "Name":"i:0#.f|membership|",

Power Apps - Make Custom Functions

Recently I've inherited a bunch of Power Apps which are showing their age. They've had a number of add-ons where other developers have tried to tweak/bolt on new functionality. You could argue that some of them have got to a stage where they could do with being started from the ground up, but then the cost/benefits usually out weigh the advantage of that. If I could give any piece of advice with Power Apps - heck any form of dev work, don't copy and paste your code. If you are repeating something, then that to me is a waste of time, that's what Functions/Methods are for. In Power Apps the problem is compounded... say the customer wants to change how some validation works on a form component or the app sends a series of emails out with different templates, you could end up hunting through heaps of controls looking for it. Only this week I came across needing to change some validation, the OnChange event had been modified for every control on the form all with the exact s